Carmen is a 33-year-old amateur athlete who enjoys swimming, cycling, running, and weight training. She loves to compete in triathlons and marathons. She admits, “I beat my body up, but Joyce takes care of me!”

Carmen shares her love of swimming with KCP Physical Therapist Joyce Kight. The two met and became friends at their local pool. After swimming one day, they lingered in the parking lot to chat. Carmen told Joyce about some problems she was having with her calves that were preventing her from running. She’d been seeing a chiropractor but not making any progress. After asking a few more questions, Joyce asked if Carmen would like to come by the KCP office. She had a hunch that pelvic instability might be the root of Carmen’s problem.

Carmen says, “She was kind and respectful that I was seeing another doctor. I know she just wanted to help.” She agreed to come by, and Joyce was able to see her that same day.

During her assessment of Carmen, Joyce found exactly what she suspected: Carmen’s pelvis was not aligned correctly. She was able to perform a manual correction, and Carmen says that she felt the difference immediately. “I got better so quickly,” she says. “Within 10 days, I was back to double-digit miles.”

Carmen says that she had no idea that her calf problem was stemming from her pelvis. Joyce explained that when the mechanical alignment is not correct, the muscle firing is also off – which is what caused Carmen’s leg to hurt. To maintain pelvic stability, Carmen can incorporate targeted exercises into her workouts. From time to time, she will also receive a manual correction from Joyce to re-align her pelvis.

Pelvic instability can be a chronic issue for those who suffer from it, but Carmen says that understanding the nature of the problem is half the battle in knowing how to manage it. Because of the stress that Carmen continually puts on her body, she’s prone to tight muscles and flare-ups. Regular visits to KCP help her maintain the body she wants and needs to continue performing athletically.

“If you want to be an athlete, you have to have people around you that can support you. Joyce has become part of my team. This is part of my regime now,” she says.

Trigger point dry needling has also become part of her routine to help manage tight muscles and reduce inflammation. Carmen says that Joyce’s technique is “really, really good” and that “she just has the ability to touch and feel and know. She can find things before I find them!”

Joyce adds, “Athletes are so in tune with their bodies. Carmen’s body is her equipment. If something is off, she knows.”

Carmen laughs and says, “Yeah, I’m like the princess and the pea!” She may not always know the source of her pain, but she trusts that Joyce will find it.

Since coming to KCP Physical Therapy, Carmen says that she has not been injured and has been able to complete many triathlons and four ultramarathons. She is quick to say that she has never felt that anyone at KCP overpromised results; she is very pleased with hers though.

When asked to describe how she feels after receiving treatment at KCP, Carmen says, “It’s a relief. I can do the things I love to do – that I enjoy – because of the support that I’ve received here.”

Carmen is proud to be a “regular” at KCP and wholeheartedly recommends the practice to other athletes. “You’re going to find people who are friendly and kind and consultative. They want to get to the bottom of your issues. You’re not just a number to them, sent to a corner to do your exercises alone,” she says.


KCP offers Sports Performance Therapy for athletes who are interested in tailored solutions to prevent injury and maximize potential. Schedule an appointment for a comprehensive evaluation: KCP will work to understand your specific goals and will help you discover specific functional problems that may be impeding your performance.