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I’ve never been to someone like Joy before. She took my whole history into account, and instead of just focusing on my shoulder, she helped with everything – my leg, my shoulder, my core, and my balance. The results were amazing. Treating the whole body and addressing all my issues – it was amazing.





Whenever something needs attention, she (Joy) is available. She just works her magic. It’s been amazing and I’m grateful.

They’re like a family to me. There’s so much love and care. I get hugs from Joyce and Joy and Karina and Pam. I can’t find the words to say what they mean to me.





I was referred to KCP by the surgeon that I saw about my fecal incontinence. I was a little embarrassed to tell my story again, but I figured there was a reason my doctor sent me there. So, I just told Joy how it was. Her bedside manner is fantastic. She makes you feel so comfortable. And she just listens without being judgmental.

I’m just so thankful that they understood how I felt and that they weren’t critical of me or my condition. The surgeon that I saw basically just said, ‘If you want surgery, come back, but otherwise I can’t do anything else for you.’  At KCP, I always felt like they had time to listen. Joy spent so much time listening, helping, and asking questions. That was just so important to me. Everyone treated me with such kindness and compassion.

I have a body that is vulnerable to injuries and issues. Over the last several years, I have had surgeries for a bone spur, a torn meniscus, double hip replacements and knee replacements. Joyce and Joy have gotten me through my surgeries and also gotten me involved in the fitness classes at KCP. Everything just keeps getting better and better.  I am in better shape now than I was when I was younger, and I’m stronger than ever. This has dramatically changed my life.

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Joy was literally a godsend.

I had a full recovery from rotator cuff surgery. I know that not everybody does.

KCP has changed my life. It’s remarkable. I highly recommend what they do and how they do it. I don’t know how I would have gotten through this whole thing without them.

The staff is fantastic. They hire good people. The whole KCP operation is very friendly and familial. It’s just a tremendous place. It’s local, and it feels like it’s part of the local fabric of our community. They’re not an industrial office – it’s personal. My wife and I just adore them.

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I’m stronger at 62 than I was at 50. It blows my mind. For someone like me that was insecure about their body to begin with –never had a history of being in shape, playing sports, or doing any physical activity – and then to have three significant back surgeries, to give up, and to be depressed…to be able to heal and get stronger…that’s why I love KCP.

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I got bounced around by different providers for years after I started having back and hip pain. A doctor told me that I had SI joint dysfunction and that I was always going to be in pain. I tried different physical therapists who showed me some lifting and bending techniques, but no one really addressed my pain. No one seemed to even know what SI joint dysfunction was or how to treat it. I finally found KCP when I googled SI joint dysfunction and physical therapy. I went to see Joy and she told me that I had pelvic instability. She showed me exercises to help mitigate my pain and also helped me learn how to exercise and strengthen correctly to manage my instability.

I used to be in severe pain at least once a week and had underlying pain the rest of the time. Now, I might have a flare-up once a month, but it’s not severe. And I know the exercises I can do for immediate relief. It’s not discouraging anymore because I understand what’s happening and how to manage it.

I had a super-positive experience at KCP. It’s just a really nice community. And it’s not just the therapists and support staff – it’s even the other patients. All of us are there for some kind of physical issue, and it’s a really encouraging environment.

I would recommend them to anyone. I want to tell everyone about KCP! I wish that everybody had a resource like them.

Joy listens on a level that I’ve never had any healthcare professional listen. She listens so deeply. She’s really hearing what you’re saying, and she’ll repeat back to make sure she’s got it right.

I started going to KCP when I was dealing with plantar fasciitis, and after that they just became my go-to for everything. I started having some hip and thigh pain, and after a few sessions of PT, Joy suggested that I get an x-ray. Sure enough, there was a tear there that put me on the path to a double hip replacement.

Joy was part of the entire process. From identifying the problem that led to surgery, to having the surgery, to helping me work out at a pace that got me through recovery. She was with me every step of the way.

After we finished with the PT for the hips, I joined the fitness training classes. I look at it as my lifelong maintenance program.

You know when you walk in the door at KCP that you are in a well-run office. It’s clean, there is a place for everything, and it’s just a smooth operation. Even when the rooms are hopping because they’re booked up and trying to accommodate someone having an issue – which they will always do. Even during super busy times, they are organized and efficient. You know that you are in good hands.

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I started out with a lot of limitations.  I couldn’t feel anything below my hips. I was unable to walk properly. My back was pretty weak, and my core was really weak.

I was a little scared. Especially being seventeen. I didn’t really know what was going to happen from there. But after my first consultation with Joyce, she seemed like she knew what she was talking about and had a very good idea about what I was going through. It was reassuring. I knew that I was in the right hands and that my goals could be accomplished.

Fast forward to today, I’m actually playing football at Davidson College, Division I. I have no limitations and I get to do everything that any athlete can do. It’s really nice and I’m very grateful.

I’m not sure – if I had gone to other places – that I would be here today. I want them to know how thankful I am. Beyond football, just the fact that I can walk and still function normally – that’s something I’m very grateful for. I would never take that for granted again, and I’ll always have that whole staff in mind when I’m accomplishing all the stuff that I’d like to do.

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I went to KCP after my endometriosis surgery. I was feeling better than I had before the surgery but still dealing with too much pain.  I felt relief after my first visit with them.  It’s such a good feeling not to live in pain any more.

I had been in a hospital PT setting before I came to KCP. But I kind of have anxiety about being in hospital environments because of all my experiences in them. A hospital is just not as welcoming.  Can you say a PT office is homey? It’s just very warm, and the staff is so lovely. I’ve only been going there for a month, and they all know me and know my name. It’s just such a great office… they really want to help you, and they are going to work hard to do that.

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I was having trouble with my calves when I first went to KCP. Joyce found that my calf pain was being caused by my pelvis being misaligned. I had no idea that was the source of the problem. After Joyce worked on it, I felt the difference immediately and got better so quickly.

Now, I continue to go to KCP for Sports Performance Therapy. I beat my body up, but Joyce takes care of me. If you want to be an athlete, you have to have people around you that can support you. Joyce has become part of my team. This is part of my regime now.

It’s always a relief after I come here. I can do the things I love to do – that I enjoy – because of the support that I’ve received.

I would recommend that other athletes come to KCP too. You’re going to find people who are friendly and kind and consultative. They want to get to the bottom of your issues.

KCP is my physical therapy family! I’ve had many issues over the years, and they have always helped me to overcome them. I had both my knees replaced and came here for PT, and my knees came back better and faster than anyone I know. I’m able to use them completely. I’ve also had shoulder and hip issues, and I come here whenever I have a problem.

They always took care of me while I was here and gave me things I could do when I left. I didn’t just get a tear-off list of exercises. They were tailored to what I had at home and what I could do.

I also appreciate that they look at you as a whole person. I came in with shoulder issues, and we ended up also discovering that my hips were out of place. As an exercise physiologist, I know about all of this stuff. I think that as people get older, we start to accept that things hurt, and we let them hurt for too long. I think that’s not acceptable, and I come back when things start to hurt. I trust their evaluations.

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A friend referred me to KCP after my shoulder injury. I wasn’t able to cycle, kayak, or even sleep – I was in constant pain. Joyce helped me to communicate with my surgeon when the treatment that we were trying plateaued. I ended up having surgery, and they found a bone spur and a tear that hadn’t shown up on the MRI. I went back to KCP for my rehab after that, and my range of motion is back now. I still have restrictions, but my pain is decreasing and I am progressing.

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Well it takes a village! So late August of 2016 I cut my tendon and nerve in my thumb and had it surgically repaired by an awesome hand surgeon named Dr. Lois Osier. Through just some dumb bad luck I developed CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) in my left hand.

I had been working with Joyce Kight (MSA swimmer) on a couple other things related to a spill and goofy stuff that happens when you get older. She mentioned taking a dry needling course and I wondered if this could potentially help my problem. Drugs are not for me. She got certified and game on.

This was trigger point type therapy and I read a lot leading up to the appointment because I am a curious person. The needling can be quite unpleasant but I bought into the goals and understood the purpose. Amazing results……far exceeding expectations for one treatment. As I was driving home 20 minutes after my appointment the pain (burning, prickly, tight) left my hand like I exhaled it out of my body. The skin on my left hand felt normal for the first time in a year and a half. I almost pulled over to cry……my whole energy level and sense of well-being has changed since I had three trigger points that spoke to the hand worked on. Forever grateful to my village and new team member Joyce Kight and KCP Physical Therapy!

Patty Waldron


Thanks to Joyce Kight and her wonderful team at KCP Physical Therapy for keeping me in one piece. The biggest thanks goes to the Lord. Training during this COVID season, I felt quite lethargic. And lonely, honestly. (I’m betting I’m not the only one?) I had to ask the Lord to accompany me on my runs regularly. I just had less in the tank. And He was always faithful. If He’ll show up for my silly runs, I’m sure He will for your silly (and serious) stuff too.

Much love, my friends.

Jim from Charlotte


Anne Moore


I want to give a big shout out to KCP physical therapy. A year ago I had a rotator cuff and biceps tendon repair and everyone there helped me thru the recovery. Joyce with her stretches, education and keeping me on task. Joy with her magic hands when I needed deep tissue work. And the wonderful team who hooked me up to the electric stim and heavenly ice packs.

There is no other PT group who gives so much of themselves, never makes you feel like a number, and always makes you feel better. Eventually I transitioned to their wonderful personal training making my arms and the rest of my body stronger. KCP even offers their training classes virtually for this pandemic! Now here I am today, back with my swim team. Training/swimming with paddles and no fins. Best of all, NO shoulder PAIN.

KCP deserves more than 5 stars. They are simply, outstanding!

Thanks to Joyce Kight and her wonderful team at KCP Physical Therapy for keeping me in one piece. The biggest thanks goes to the Lord. Training during this COVID season, I felt quite lethargic. And lonely, honestly. (I’m betting I’m not the only one?) I had to ask the Lord to accompany me on my runs regularly. I just had less in the tank. And He was always faithful. If He’ll show up for my silly runs, I’m sure He will for your silly (and serious) stuff too.

Much love, my friends.

Jim from Charlotte


Chris T.


I have been a client at KCP Physical Therapy for 7 years. Before I was referred to them I dealt with neck and lower back/hip pain. I had tried some of the usual avenues without success. Within 6 months of receiving treatment I was 85% better than I had been in a long time. My next step was to begin a small amount of training. I progressed even more.

Over time I have incorporated one hour training at least once a week and during some periods twice a week. When KCP added Yoga classes I was all in. I now go to yoga two times a week and one day for personal training. KCP provides a holistic approach to my well being. They know my physical constraints so they are able to build my workouts and yoga around them. I am 68 years old and have never felt better.

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