Thomas is a 58-year-old executive who loves to play golf.

He began to have “serious shoulder issues” that were causing him daily discomfort. His wife was already a happy client at KCP Physical Therapy, so he decided to book an appointment for himself.

He began to see physical therapist Joy Pfuhl. It became clear to Joy early in the treatment process that Thomas’ rotator cuff was damaged, and she recommended that he book an appointment with a surgeon who could perform additional diagnostics.

An MRI revealed that Thomas’ rotator cuff was torn and that he would need surgery.

Rotator Cuff Surgery

“When you approach rotator cuff surgery, you’re just very uncomfortable,” Thomas recalls. “There’s no way to sleep. No matter how you try to position yourself or manipulate it, it’s just always throbbing. It’s horrific!

“But,” he continues, “even more horrific than that is recovering from rotator cuff surgery!”

He says that the first six weeks after surgery were “ludicrously painful.”

“Your muscles are just screaming, and you’re stretching, stretching, stretching in ways that you feel – psychologically – are literally impossible,” he says. “And I’m a cerebral guy, so I had to ask hundreds of questions.”

It was important to Thomas to understand the plan for his recovery, which he knew would be long and difficult. He says that Joy helped him not only with the physical aspect of his recovery but also through the psychological element as well. “Joy was literally a godsend,” he says.


After months of physical therapy that primarily included a mix of stretching and strengthening, Thomas crossed the finish line.

Sort of.

Thomas laughs as he says, “I’ll never forget when Joy declared, ‘The good news is that you are officially healed.’ The bad news was that she and my wife had cooked up a scheme for me to join their exercise classes!”

Although he jokes about the way he joined the fitness classes, Thomas is an enthusiastic member of KCP’s training program. “I train Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for an hour virtually. Other than days when classes may not be offered for holidays, I have not skipped one in 19 months, and I have no intention of ever doing so!”

Joy says that she is proud of how Thomas has navigated his journey towards overall health and fitness over the last few years. “Once he finished with his rotator cuff rehabilitation, fitness was a natural addition. He never misses a session! It has been so much fun to see his progression in strength and endurance, and, more importantly, how it has affected his day-to-day life and golf game!”

Grateful to KCP

Thomas is back to playing golf and enjoying an active lifestyle, and he is grateful to KCP.

“I literally had a full recovery,” he says. “I know that not everybody does.”

“Honestly,” he continues, “KCP has changed my life. It’s remarkable. I highly recommend what they do and how they do it. I don’t know how I would have gotten through this whole thing without them.”

Thomas says that his entire experience at KCP has been positive.

“The staff is fantastic,” he says. “They hire good people. The whole KCP operation is very friendly and familial. It’s just a tremendous place. It’s local, and it feels like it’s part of the local fabric of our community. They’re not an industrial office – it’s personal. My wife and I just adore them.”