Kathy is an active 63-year-old who enjoys biking and Pilates. She describes herself as someone who has “just had a lot of issues” over the years. “When you get to be a woman of a certain age, things keep happening!” she says.

She has had bilateral hip replacement, tennis elbow, an injured shoulder, and several bouts of tendonitis. She has been coming to KCP Physical Therapy for various injuries over the past 6-7 years and says that “it is an amazing resource” for her.

Plantar Fasciitis

Kathy initially discovered KCP while suffering from plantar fasciitis. “It was such a bother,” she says. “Worse than a bother!”

She remembered that her friend Lori had been raving about her physical therapist and decided to ask for the contact information. “Go see Joy!” her friend told her. “She’ll take care of it!”

Kathy made an appointment with physical therapist Joy Pfuhl.

“She took care of it!” she says.

The experience was a positive one for Kathy. She says that she was impressed with the level of attention and personalization that she received. “Joy listens on a level that I’ve never had any healthcare professional listen. She listens so deeply. She’s really hearing what you’re saying, and she’ll repeat back to make sure she’s got it right,” Kathy says.

Joy worked with Kathy to devise a treatment plan that worked with the fitness level that Kathy wanted to maintain. “Joy gave me a customized plan that accommodated my schedule and abilities. It was wonderful,” Kathy says.

Bilateral Hip Replacement

After that, Kathy says that KCP became her “go-to” anytime something was not right.

When she began dealing with hip and thigh pain, she sought treatment at KCP again. After a few sessions, Joy recommended that Kathy schedule an appointment for an x-ray. “Sure enough,” Kathy says, “There was a tear there… that put me on the path to a double hip replacement.”

“Joy was part of the entire process,” Kathy says. “From identifying the problem that led to surgery, to having the surgery, to helping me work out at a pace that got me through recovery. She was with me every step of the way.”

Joy says that Kathy was a model patient. “She was so motivated, “Joy says. “I could not believe how quickly she was back to her fitness workouts after her hip replacements. Her determination made my job easy!”

Fitness for Life

Kathy has been a part of KCP’s Fitness Training program for years and calls it her “lifelong maintenance program.”

The program is geared towards those who are prone to injury or have been unsuccessful in traditional settings. Kathy participates so that she can both maintain and increase her strength and endurance.

“I don’t want a 90% body,” she says. “I want a 100% body. Help me achieve that.”

Though she has had her ups and downs over the years, Kathy says she had a proud moment to share recently.

“For so many years and with so many overlapping issues, I have felt like such a complainer,” she says. “But – I told Joy a while back – I am 100% and I have a fine body! I love feeling strong again. It may be just a moment-in-time feeling, but that’s how I feel now, and I’m going to enjoy it!”

In Good Hands

When asked to describe KCP, Kathy says, “You know when you walk in the door that you are in a well-run office. It’s clean, there is a place for everything, and it’s just a smooth operation. Even when the rooms are hopping because they’re booked up and trying to accommodate someone having an issue – which they will always do. Even during super busy times, they are organized and efficient. You know that you are in good hands.”