George is a golf and fishing enthusiast who has worked with KCP intermittently for over eight years. He says that he has learned, “When I have something on my body that’s not working, I know where to go.”


Frozen Shoulder and Torn Meniscus

His introduction to KCP came after a fall into a sand trap on the golf course. He tried to shake it off but found that it was not getting any better. He told a friend that he might make an appointment with a surgeon. His friend recommended that he try KCP Physical Therapy first.

George took the suggestion and scheduled an appointment with Joy Pfuhl, who determined that he was suffering from a frozen shoulder. She performed manual therapy on the shoulder in addition to developing an exercise and stretching program for him.

After just a few months of therapy, George regained 100% range of motion in his shoulder. He was relieved both to go back to his golf game as well as to get a good night’s sleep again.

Four years later, he tore his meniscus and had to have knee surgery. This time, he worked with physical therapist Joyce Kight. They worked to strengthen the muscles around his knee, and “That took care of that,” he says.


Nerve and Muscle Damage

Most recently, George has returned for help in recovering from a surgery performed to correct nerve damage. He says this has been his most challenging issue yet.

He was surprised to learn, during a training session last year, that he couldn’t perform toe raises – at all.

A visit to a sports medicine doctor revealed that he had significant muscle and nerve damage. Further testing showed that he had lost 35% of his muscle and that his L1 and L4 nerves were impinged.

The surgeon fused George’s L4 and L5 vertebrae, using rods and screws for stability. George was eager to begin PT for recovery afterward, but his surgeon said to walk only during the first six months post-op.

After he was cleared from the doctor, he again called KCP. He remembers being quite frustrated. “I had been in good shape prior to the surgery,” he says.

He credits Joyce with helping him set expectations for his recovery. “She said, ‘You’ve had significant changes to your body with this surgery – be patient with it,’” he recalls.


Making Progress

Today, he’s still working to regain his previous level of activity. “I’m not 100% yet, but I’m so much better than I was,” he says. “I can take the dog for a walk, and it’s not as arduous as it was. Today I was able to walk the mat at PT with no slips and falls. It looks like it should be easy, but it’s hard when you’ve had back surgery!”

His goal is to play golf again. “Joyce asked me how I felt about playing a round again, and I told her that I wasn’t quite ready to play a whole round. So, she asked me how many shots were in a round, and I said 50. She said, OK – go hit 50 balls at the driving range and come back and tell me how it felt. I’m excited to go and try that,” he says.

Joyce has been proud of George’s efforts and commitment throughout his rehab. “I’ve known George a long time,” she says. “He always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude. He has been through a great deal with his current situation and has given his rehab 110%. It is so much fun to watch him progress, and I know he will be ready to return to the golf course soon!”


‘Angels on Earth’

George says that he would refer KCP to anyone. “I think of them as angels on earth,” he says. “They don’t try to keep you longer than they feel they can help you. When they see the point where you’ve gotten through, they tell you how to keep it up and send you on. I like that.”

He also says that he appreciates the caring atmosphere at the clinic. “Everyone there is just awesome,” he says. “I’ve been to other PT places in the past, and they’re like factories. You feel like you’re a number and they’re just pushing you through their system. But the staff at KCP genuinely care about you and want you to get well. You’re not just a number to them.”