Through pregnancy women are given the ability to bring a life into the world, but it’s no easy task. For any women who is, or has been, pregnant you know all about the pains and changes the body undergoes. It is not always fun. One common experience we see at KCP is our patients have low back pain.

Why does pregnancy sometimes result in back pain?

  • Production of the hormone relaxin causes ligaments to stretch, and the pelvis/Sacroiliac joint (SI) joints become loose increasing stress on the lumbar spine.
  • Changes in posture increase stress though the back.
  • Many times, women will experience greater discomfort with subsequent pregnancies due to laxity produced from the first pregnancy.
  • Core and pelvic floor weakness increase stress on the lumbar spine.

As you can see there are many causes for pregnancy related low back pain. That doesn’t mean pregnant women can’t do anything to help this pain. Through physical therapy, back and pelvic pain can be managed and or eliminated. Help-exercises such as knee squeezes, bridges and spinal balance are often beneficial.

How can physical therapy help?

  • Treatment of the pelvis/SI joint and pubis to ensure proper alignment will reduce the stress on both the pelvis and lumbar spine.
  • Core stabilization to strengthen the muscles that support the low back and pelvic floor; stretching to assist in reducing stress on the lumbar spine.
  • Manual therapy to address soft tissue dysfunction (deep tissue massage) and ensure proper joint mechanics.
  • Modalities for pain and soft tissue dysfunction, electrical stimulation for the low back-away from the baby with ice is often effective for easing muscle pain.
  • Wearing supportive garments for stabilization such as sacroiliac belts, exercise tights or trunks with a high waist

At KCP, Joy and Joyce have specialized in treatment of women’s health, and have an innate understanding of the pelvis and spine. Call KCP Physical Therapy and Fitness at 704-541-1191 if you have questions or would like a consultation.