KCP Physical Therapy and Fitness will remain open during this time. Recently, the federal government mandated that groups should not exceed 10 individuals. KCP has always been a boutique style facility, to avoid crowded appointment times, we are taking extra measures to avoid a crowded facility and any increased risk for needed appointments.

Physical Appointments: KCP will remain open for individuals who need physical correction, deep tissue work, and/or wish to visit a physical therapist in person. To assure that these visits are safe, we have implemented extra precautions such as:
– Additional deep cleaning efforts
– Hand washing between patients, and upon entering facility (this pertains to guests as well)
– Own electrode pads
– Limiting number of people within the facility
– Encouraging sick employees and clients to remain home

We want to help assure all of our clients that KCP is doing everything possible for your safety and health.

Virtual Appointments: In lieu of recent events, KCP has added virtual appointments for clients who do not need physical correction or deep tissue work. This appointment is best suited for clients who are wanting to learn what might be causing their pain and discomfort, physical exercises/stretches they can start properly performing at home, and the progress of their recovery.

If you are interested in setting up a virtual appointment with either Joy or Joyce, please give us a call at 704-541-1191.

Pain and discomfort do not stop during a pandemic. If you feel you need help, please consider giving us a call!