Patti’s journey at KCP Physical Therapy began like many others: with a specific “issue” that needed attention.

Many years ago, Patti’s hips began making a popping sound when she walked, and a doctor referred her to KCP. Her initial assessment revealed some pelvic instability and misalignment. Physical therapist Joy Pfuhl was able to manually correct her pelvic alignment and provide strength training exercises that would help to stabilize the area.

Patti says she initially thought, “Holy cow – that woman’s magic!” They had tackled the issue at hand, but Patti says that “Life got in the way” and she did not continue to make strength training a priority as she had planned.

Several years later, she began having ankle pain. Although she says she always had weak ankles, the pain she was experiencing was new. She saw an orthopedic doctor who told her that her arch had fallen. She returned to KCP for physical therapy. While in treatment, Patti worked on exercises for balance and strength, and her pain level improved.

A year and a half ago, she rolled her ankle on a stepping stone and broke it, requiring surgery. “I got plates and screws; it was a very ugly break,” she says.

Again, Patti needed rehab and chose KCP. But she’s not ending her journey with her official “graduation” from rehab this time.

While she says she has always known that fitness and strength training were important, she admits that she had not made time for them in the past. “I’ve dabbled at the Y, but never been very athletic. I took fitness classes when I was younger but didn’t stay with them long term.”

Now, however, she is making the commitment to  though KCP to maintain her strength and balance. “I’ve been doing the strength training classes for over a year now, and it’s changed me so much. I feel so much stronger and more confident in moving,” she says. While she admits that she wishes she had done this sooner, she says, “Joy is so kind and patient and understanding. She meets you where you are. I’m just glad I’m doing it now.”
Patti’s hope is that continual strength training will help her to avoid the types of injuries that accompany weak ankles and other joints. “I don’t ever want to be in that kind of pain again,” she says.
Patti says that she appreciates the accountability that the classes provide and the feeling of being comfortable in the accepting atmosphere of KCP and the group classes.  “There is no intimidation there at all,” she says.
She also appreciates her newfound strength and endurance, citing her daughter’s recent moving experience as an example. “My daughter moved into a 3-story townhouse, and I was able to help and keep up with her! There’s no way I could have done that before,” she says.

Joy, her physical therapist, is proud of Patti’s efforts. “Hard work and commitment describe Patti,” she says. “I’m so happy that she has prioritized this time for herself. She is like so many women; we focus on raising children and don’t find the time for our own health and wellness. Now she is reaping the benefits of increased strength and conditioning in her day to day life. That is the true payoff.”