Joan’s experience with KCP began several years ago with a back injury from lifting her wriggling handicapped dog. She says he was a moving target, and it was hard to lift him using good form. She saw a doctor who referred her to KCP Physical Therapy.

It turned out to be oddly good timing, according to Joan. Her gym had closed, and she wanted to look for a new personal trainer. She was pleased to find out that KCP offered both physical therapy and personal training.

The physical therapy for the back injury was helpful, and Joan quickly felt better.

She joined the group fitness classes and was appreciative of the support and direction she received in them. “All of us have issues, and they keep track of all of them – who’s knee is bad, who’s got shoulder problems, and they just look out for us and tell us how to modify any exercise if it’s not good for us at the time. I don’t know where else you would get this!” she says. “It’s unlike any other doctor – patient relationship I’ve ever had.”

Years later, Joan experienced another back injury. This one was worse than the first, she says.

“Joyce worked with me intensively for a few weeks, but she could see that it wasn’t getting better like it should have. She referred me to a really good physiatrist, helped me get an appointment quickly, and they discovered that I had a bulging disc. I got a cortisone shot and continued the PT, and the two worked so well together. I’m pretty much back to normal now,” she says.

Joan describes KCP as being like a family. “They’ve all been there for years,” she says. “They don’t have a lot of turnover. They seem to be really happy there. And I really like how they are mentoring the next generation. I’ve watched Ashley go from being an intern to being almost finished with PT school, and I see more interns there now who are getting help with their professional futures.”

Joan enjoys coming to the workouts in person, but often takes advantage of the Zoom sessions as well. “We didn’t miss a beat during the pandemic,” she says. “And now that we can Zoom, even if I’m in Florida for a while, I can still join the workouts.”

Joyce Kight, her physical therapist, says that she is proud of Joan’s determination and accomplishments. “Joan was and still is committed to maintaining her active and healthy lifestyle,” she says. “Her recent injury created a setback, but Joan would not be deterred. She was committed to her rehab and has been able to return to hiking and twice weekly training. I’ve watched our training group become her second family. Joan is a pleasure to work with!”

Joan continues to train with her group, and says, “It’s made me feel younger. I was getting to an age where I thought I couldn’t do things anymore, but that wasn’t true. I do have some arthritis in my knees and back, but with proper treatment and strength training, it’s gotten so much better. I feel safer. I feel stronger. It’s a real confidence booster. I’m so happy I found this place – I don’t know what I’d do without them!”