When Marion learned that she was going to need knee surgery, she knew immediately that she would go to KCP for her rehab. “Joyce took care of my husband’s shoulder replacement, and she was fabulous!” she says. “Gordon found KCP because we have another friend who went to them. She was a fan first, and then we became patients – and fans – too.”

Marion admits that she was resistant to having the surgery.  She’d had cortisone shots and gel injections, but the pain persisted. She had already been told by one doctor that she needed surgery but looked for a second opinion. The second doctor agreed, telling her, “Your knees are shot!”

Hoping for some additional guidance, Marion scheduled an appointment with physical therapist Joyce Kight. “I did not want to do surgery unless I absolutely had to,” she says. “I did not want to do it. I was having nightmares, and I went to Joyce to share my fears. She had me do some exercises but agreed that it was time.”

To help Marion prepare for the surgery – and afterward – Joyce recommended PT to strengthen the muscles above the knee. Marion says that not only did she appreciate this suggestion, but also that KCP helped her to use insurance benefits to her advantage. “I never had any worries about insurance. Pam took care of everything. They work so wonderfully as a team.”

After the total knee replacement surgery, Marion says, “I had a lot of pain and swelling. It was awful, but Joyce helped to coach me what to do – who to call or what questions to ask the PA or pain management doctor. I was in complete misery and had a slow start back because of the pain. One time, I was in hysterics because it hurt so badly. We scrapped the PT and just did ice and talked, and they encouraged me. They get you through the valleys along the way.”

Marion did progress with her PT, eventually surpassing the objectives that her doctor had set for her rehab goals. When she returned for her six-month post-surgery checkup, her doctor noted that she was beyond 120 degrees for range of motion and said, “You know, the interesting thing about PT’s is that usually when I say 120 degrees, that’s where they stop. This new piece of equipment (the replacement knee) can go far beyond that; it’s only limited by your own body.”

She continues, “I remember that Joyce told me ‘You’re not going to use a walker outside of the house; you are not going to use a cane. We want you to walk!’ Now, when I see other people who I can tell who have just had knee surgery and seem crippled or frail, I just want to go up and tell them – Go see KCP!”

Overall, Marion says it was a good experience and that she will always recommend KCP. “The machinery and equipment all worked, and the place was just so inviting. I haven’t been to many PT offices, but I have been to other clinics where I have had bad experiences. One place I went to was just a circus! KCP is always busy, but it’s never a circus. You always feel that you are important and getting good care.”

Joyce admires Marion’s commitment to progress. “Marion was hard-working and dedicated to her recovery. Her goal was to be able to walk and hike with her husband. At times, rehab was not easy, but she persevered and is now able to enjoy an active lifestyle. She attended each session with a smile and her delicious homemade cookies, always asking about my family and sweet dog, Tobias.”

“They took great care of me, but it doesn’t just have to be after surgery,” Marion says. “I know that if anything else starts hurting, I’ll just go to them first. And when it’s time for Gordon’s surgery, we’ll be back!”