Nancy has been a client at KCP Physical Therapy for over 15 years. A minor injury brought her to practice initially. She was pleased to be seen quickly and receive prompt treatment; she says she healed well and made KCP her first choice of treatment over the years for occasional injuries.

In 2014, she says a freak accident occurred, leaving her with a serious injury and crushed vertebrae in her back. Once again, she came to KCP for treatment, but physical therapist Joyce Kight advised her that she needed to continue exercising on a consistent basis to help with injury prevention as she aged.

Nancy took her advice and joined one of the senior exercise classes offered at KCP.

In 2016, she began spending her winters in Florida. She says it was important for her to continue with her core exercise program, and she joined the classes virtually through FaceTime.

Over the years, she has continued to choose KCP for both physical therapy and fitness classes.

“I can’t say how much I value them,” she says. “Anytime I have an ache or pain, they have a suggestion. I think that I’m often able to head off more serious injuries. If I come for a couple of sessions and Joyce thinks I need to see the doctor, she gives me questions to ask. It gives me more confidence when I’m talking to the doctor and helps me make the visit more fruitful.”

With regard to the fitness program, Nancy says, “The value is in the consistency and showing up, even when you don’t feel like showing up. There are days I’d like to roll over and go back to sleep, but I’m always glad when I finish. I feel like I’ve rewarded myself and that it’s been time well spent.”

The camaraderie she feels at KCP is also a draw for Nancy. “Everybody there is a little bit like me – dealing with current injuries or injuries from the past. I like to go in person since I’m retired; it’s good to be with other people my age.”

She also notes a lack of pretentiousness in the classes. “I’ve been to gyms where the women show up in their Barbie doll costumes, and I feel like a beached whale. I’m not obese, but I’m not slim. I feel like I belong at KCP. I feel comfortable. They know me. They treat me like I’m a person. They make everybody feel special. You won’t find that in every gym.”

Because Nancy has remained committed to her exercise routine, she says “I’m pretty strong for 70 years old. It’s a good feeling.”

Being strong allows her to enjoy the things in life that are important to her: family and travel.

“I can get down on the floor to play with my toddler nephew. I can catch him if he wants to jump off the monkey bars. I can do things other women my age can’t do,” she says.

Nancy also loves to travel and recently took a bucket list trip to New Zealand. “Traveling involves a certain level of stamina and fitness,” she says. “When you have that, you can enjoy the whole experience more. On our trip, we got to go kayaking across a lake in the rain, hiking up some very steep grade hills, and walking on the beaches. Being able to do all of that was just so meaningful to me.”