Cyndi is a swimmer in her mid-50’s who had been having pain in her shoulder. When she asked her swim coach if she knew anyone who could help, the coach recommended fellow swimmer and KCP physical therapist Joyce Kight.

In Joyce, Cyndi says she found someone who was willing to listen, understand, and help. “Joyce always wants to help you figure out your problem,” she says. “She’ll help you try one thing, and then if that’s not working, she knows what to try next.”

Cyndi’s initial treatment consisted of dry needling and strengthening exercises. When her pain persisted, Joyce recommended that she see an orthopedist. An MRI revealed a muscular tear which required surgery and more rehab. Cyndi says that Joyce was a great person to work with during the process, helping her to navigate the process and conversations with the surgeon.

“She really helped me to be my own advocate,” Cyndi says. “Sometimes we are too proud and stubborn to take care of ourselves. We ignore the pain until we can’t anymore. We need to change that. Joyce is helping me to get better about taking care of myself.”

During her rehab, Cyndi says that she was also able to address some ongoing hip pain that she had been feeling. “When we talked about my hip pain, we ended up talking about my office setup. Joyce realized that my office chair and my computer screen were not placed correctly;  I never connected that dot. I’ve changed my setup and the way that I’m sitting every day, and I can tell the difference. It’s all helped with the quest,” she says.

Cyndi also discovered the exercise classes offered by KCP and has added those to her training regimen. “(Exercise specialist) Karina is the cutest thing ever,” she says. “I’m so grateful. I work out four times a week now; it helps keep me out of pain. And I need the discipline!”

Cyndi lives in Waxhaw and says the drive to KCP’s Ballantyne office is worth it. “I know it’s a haul. I have other options, but I don’t want to go anywhere else. I’ve been to quite a few other physical therapists, but KCP is not like any of them. They’re not cookie cutter in their approach; they personalize the experience. I don’t know how to explain how much I like Joyce and Karina. They’re going to get me back to where I want to be.”

Joyce says, “Cindy has struggled with pain that has created setbacks, but she is always determined to understand the cause and ensure that she is able to enjoy her active lifestyle. She greets each session with a smile and determination. She is a pleasure to treat!”