As a nurse during her career, 73-year-old Maureen was responsible for lifting and moving people up to four times her size. Over the years, she developed back problems that eventually required surgery. She initially went to physical therapy at a hospital clinic but expressed disappointment to her surgeon regarding the lack of progress that she was making there. He recommended that she see a physical therapist at KCP instead.

The difference was immediate, Maureen says. “The way Joy (Pfuhl) asked questions about my goals made me feel like she cared about what my feelings were versus just being a body at therapy. I felt like this was going to be a very positive experience, and it would get me to my goal.”

Maureen became an advocate of the practice after her first round of rehab and says, “I told everyone how great they are! The personalization that you get is just amazing.”

Two days after she retired, Maureen had a stroke that affected the left side of her body. As a result, she struggled with everyday activities like walking and writing. Her adult children helped as much as they could, but the loss of complete independence was difficult for her.

Rehab at KCP was critical for her recovery – both physical and mental. “I wouldn’t be where I am today or have the attitude I have without them, “she says. “Even my husband noticed the difference that KCP was making – I became a much happier and nicer person!”

Maureen suffered another loss shortly after that. Her husband passed away on Mother’s Day last year. Maureen was touched to receive a book from Joy, which she says spoke volumes about the level of care offered at KCP.

As she progressed with rehab, she added weekly training sessions with exercise specialist Karina. Her goals are to completely get rid of the cane, be able to write again, and play with her five grandchildren. She says she enjoys the training sessions and the interactions with other clients. “I think it’s because we’re all in the same boat. We tease each other. It’s so great! It’s personal and friendly, and every time it makes me feel better,” she says.

Karina says, “I admire Maureen’s dedication and perseverance. She is always trying to challenge herself to get to the next level. She is a joy to work with, and I can’t wait to see her progress continue.”