Having a personal trainer with a physical therapy background is an important element for safe fitness. A trainer with this knowledge is valuable for people dealing with post rehabilitation injuries. At KCP Physical Therapy and Fitness, our leaders, Joyce Kight, PT and Joy Pfuhl, PT, pride themselves in providing this knowledge to clients.

How is personal training with a physical therapist different than traditional personal training?

  • Knowing the human body. Physical therapists are educated in biomechanics (how our joints move) and the musculoskeletal system. Their background and knowledge base allows for safe and effective fitness with appropriate accommodations when working with injury or chronic pain.
  • Danger of re-injury. Many people with orthopedic musculoskeletal injuries are not suited to a traditional gym setting, and are often re-injured even with a traditional personal trainer. A physical therapist as a personal trainer can assess an injury immediately, and they can determine appropriate accommodations for continued safe exercise or provide treatment should this be required.
  • Putting a safe workout first. Education, background and experience make a difference in creating a safe workout. Physical therapists’ ability to understand the client from a comprehensive perspective allows them to modify fitness routines while considering injury, pain and dysfunction.

Joy and Joyce have an innate understanding of these areas making them suited to work each person’s individualized fitness needs, while determining modifications for pain and injury. 

We have found at KCP, a client’s natural advancement post rehabilitation is personal training. For these reasons, there is a growing trend for physical therapists to provide individual and group fitness, which KCP provides.

Look below to see what our clients have said about personal training with KCP.

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